On June 3,  the Sudanese military and militia forces attacked the peaceful sit-in outside the Army Command in Khartoum, where thousands of protesters had gathered since 6 April to demand a peaceful transition to civilian rule after mass protests  brought down the 30-year despotic rule of Omar al-Bashir.  Over 100 have been killed, hundreds injured, and the encampment set on fire.

Counter-revolution has reared its bloody head in Sudan carried out by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Transitional Military Council. This past weekend al-Burhan coordinated with US-ally Saudi Arabia and other regional powers who undoubtedly green-lit this escalation of violence.  This comes after a successful two day general strike last week where over 80% of the country shut down demanding civilian rule.

The Sudanese people have responded by calling for an indefinite political general strike and mass civil disobedience around the country to bring down the regime and bring about democracy and immediate civilian rule. We stand with the Sudanese people fighting for freedom and democracy and call for an end to massacre, repression, and counter-revolution in Sudan.

The Transitional Military Council has cut off the internet in Sudan since its massacre at the General Command sit-in and attacks on the sit-ins in other cities like Al-Nuhud, on Monday, June 3rd.  This is to stop communication and organizing in the country and to prevent information from leaking regarding the massacres they continue to commit against unarmed protesters.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors, a critical organization in upholding the revolution, is the main organization on the ground working to both treat the wounded, coordinate care and track the numbers of the dead and the causes of death. The military considers this organization very dangerous and has targeted and killed some of its members  particularly in the early months of the uprising.

Below is the latest statement of the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors.   Please spread widely to radical organizations, anti-racist organization,  progressive politicians and especially to any unions in the health and medical field.   Statements,  protests and other events  in solidarity with the Sudanese uprising are desperately needed.

البيان باللغة العربية Official Arabic translation     https://www.facebook.com/Sudandoctorscommittee/photos/a.1775635796055662/2339643126321590/?type=3&theater

(unofficial translation by Sara Abbas)

Field report

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors has identified 108 martyrs killed by the Janjawid militias and the Military Coup Council since the General Command massacre [on Monday June 3, 2019], and the subsequent killing in neighborhoods and roads in the capital and regions.

Of these heroes, we were able to count more than 40 bodies that were taken out of the Nile yesterday. A number of martyrs were recovered from the Nile today; we do not know the number and so they were not included in these statistics.

-64 martyrs were counted in the various hospitals of Sudan in both the capital and the regions

-4 martyrs were shot dead inside their homes, including three children in front of their mother, in addition to air navigation officer Professor Mohammed Ahmed Abdulqayoum.

– There are more than 500 people with bullet wounds in various hospitals in the capital and regions. The situation of most of them is serious, requiring surgical intervention.

– The medical staff are facing great difficulties in hospitals that are overcrowded with the injured and wounded- the few numbers of doctors and the difficulty they face in reaching hospitals, logistical difficulties related to the shortage of blood banks, difficulty in [blood] donors being able to get to the central lab and the hospitals’ blood banks, in addition to the shortage of emergency aids, intensive care beds and anesthesia. This may lead to the loss of more people.

We confirm as always that the number of martyrs is greater than what we shared above and that we are still in constant investigation about those missing, despite the suffocating security restrictions and the difficulty of field communication and the complete interruption of the Internet service in Sudan.

The Sudanese revolution is victorious, the tyrants and the Janjaweed are falling.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors’  Media
5 June 2019