This event is organized by Iranian progressives and socialists in Paris.

On October 6, 2019, we stand in solidarity with the resistance of Iranian people. Particularly, we express our solidarity with the inspiring and courageous struggles of Haft Tappeh workers against the state and mafia-like neoliberalism peculiar to the Global South, the environmentalist activists who have been sentenced to the death penalty for protecting nature and demanding ecological justice, the feminists who have been fighting against patriarchy for four decades since the 8th of March 1979, the committed journalists who aspired to tell the truth to the public, the teachers who fought against the commodification of education and neoliberal precariousness, Kolbars’ who struggle for bare survival on a daily basis, the ‘minorities’ subjected to ‘internal colonialism’ of Farsi-Shia power relation, and of course with thousands of political prisoners subjugated to extremely disciplinary and punitive power during the past months. We invite you to a meal of solidarity to be expressed with these residences and thousands of political prisoners suffering from the brutal repression of the Islamic Republic. They need widespread international support. Those who are concerned with oppression, justice, and radical freedom must demand their immediate and unconditional release. This ‘solidarity meal’ will take place on Sunday, October 6 at noon (the address: the canteen of Pyrenees, 77 rues de la mare 75020 Paris).

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