Editors’ note:  Below,  we publish a statement from the  Commission of Condemned Workers, Relatives and Friends of Las Heras, Argentina in response to the appeal of Iranian  Haft-Tappeh sugarcane workers  and Awhaz steel workers.  The oil workers  who signed this statement  have been imprisoned for  leading a labor struggle in 2006 in Las Heras, province of Santa Cruz.

For more information about what happened to the Las Heras workers see


We sign this statement and call on you to fight for the Syrian comrades, for the Palestinian comrades, for the Chinese students, for the freedom of Facundo Jones Huala, for the freedom of all political prisoners and the acquittal of the oil workers  jailed and sentenced to life imprisonment.

If they attack one , they attack us all

One class, one struggle

The rebellion of  slaves is not a crime, it is justice


Hugo González, sentenced to life in prison

José Rosales, sentenced to life in prison

Rubén Bach, sentenced to 5 years in prison

Omar Mansilla, sentenced to 5 years in prison

Raquel Valencia, wife of Hugo González

Claudia Bazán, wife of José Rosales

Claudia Pafundi, wife of Omar Mansilla

January 6, 2019