Frieda Afary

July 10, 2020

During the past month,  over 20  fires and explosions have damaged a variety of sites in Iran,  ranging from the Natanz nuclear fuel production site to Parchin,  a military and weapons development base,   various power plants,  production plants,  the state television and radio station,  the Evin prison,  a medical clinic,  several markets, forests and historical sites.

The New York Times reports that Israel was responsible for planting the bomb that caused the explosion at the Natanz nuclear fuel production plant which in turn set back Iran’s nuclear program.  However,  it is not clear whether all the explosions and fires that have taken place during the past month can be attributed to acts of sabotage by foreign governments.   No reports have also been issued about the dangerous radioactivity released by the Natanz explosion and the damage done to the public. 

The Iranian people continue to suffer from the  brutality, repression and authoritarian rule of the Iranian regime as well as severe U.S. sanctions,  a deep economic crises and the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.   The value of the Iranian Toman continues to decline severely from one day to the next.  The maj