Sindicato Intercategoriale Cobas,  Italy

Statement for the Release of Arrested Protesters and Political Prisoners in Iran

January 17, 2018

The SI Cobas trade union of Italy expresses its support for the struggles of workers, proletarians and young Iranians against the deterioration of living conditions, for a decent wage, for the payment of wage arrears, for the freedom of workers’ and political organization and freedom of expression, against the oppressive regime, and strongly calls for the release of political prisoners, condems the systematic use of torture against them; we have learned that five young people have died under torture in the last two weeks.

SI Cobas together with the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggle, of which it, strongly calls for the release of the Workers’ Union of the Tehan Bus Service Company, Reza Shahabi, and expresses solidarity with the Iranian trade unions that are free expression of the workers, in their struggle for the defense of the conditions and the rights of the Iranian workers against capital, whether private or state owned, national or foreign. SI Cobas supports the campaign for “Bread, labor, freedom” launched by the sugar cane workers’ union of Kuzistan, Haft Tapeh. The struggle of workers against capital is the same struggle all over the world.

SI Cobas invites Italian, European and worldwide trade unions, together with youth associations and movements committed to struggle against exploitation and oppression, to organize demonstrations and protests before Iranian embassies and consulates, and to ask the immediate release of over four thousand arrested activists.

SI Cobas

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Roberto Luzzi
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