Joseph Daher,  Swiss-Syrian socialist, academic scholar,  activist, blogger and member of the Alliance of Syrian and Iranian Socialists will be on lecture tour in the United States from February 13 to February 17.

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February 9-17, 2017
Toronto, Montreal, Burlington, Boston, New Britain, CT, New York City, & Chicago
       Joseph Daher will address the key debate on the left about the Syrian Revolution, Assad’s Counter-Revolution, and the role of the imperialist and regional powers.
       Daher is a Swiss-Syrian socialist activist, academic, and founder of the blog Syria Freedom Forever. He is the author of Hezbollah: The Political Economy of Lebanon’s Party of God, Pluto Press, London, 2016 (distributed in the US by the University of Chicago Press) and (with John Rees) of The People Demand. A short history of the Arab revolutions, Counterfire, London 2011.
Feb 9 @ 6:30pm: Toronto – University of Toronto Medical Sciences Building 1, Room MS2172, at 1 King’s College Circle (apology for too-late notice)
Feb 13 @ 6:00: Boston – Emerson College – Walker 233120 Boylston St
Feb 14 @ 6:00: Boston – Northeastern University
Feb 15 @ 5:30: New Britain, CT – Central Connecticut State University Vance Hall #105
Feb 16 @ 6:30pm: New York City – Lehman Auditorium at Barnard College, 202 Altschul Hall, 117th St. & Broadway
Feb 17 @6:00: Chicago – Columbia College, Ferguson Hall (600 S. Michigan Ave. Room 101)
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