Below we reprint an open  letter from various U.S. labor union members addressed to Iranian workers:

Note: The following is an open letter to our fellow workers in Iran. We hope this will be a first step in organizing direct links between workers in our two countries. If any fellow workers here in the US would like to add their names to this letter, please contact oaklandsocialist at: [email protected]

Greetings to our fellow workers in Iran:

In these dangerous times, solidarity between the working class of our respective countries is more important than ever. As workers here, we know we have nothing in common with the brutal policies – both domestic and international – of the government here. This includes the economic sanctions imposed by the Trump administration against the Iranian people. We know that it is you, the workers and the poor, who are suffering the most from these sanctions, and we oppose them totally. We are horrified that the Trump administration’s actions could actually lead to a war. We know that in such a war it will be the workers who will pay the price – first of all our fellow workers in Iran, but also we workers in the United States.

Workers on strike in Iran

We are aware of the struggles of workers in Iran, including workers’ strikes and other struggles against different forms of oppression. Here in the United States, we have similar struggles – increasing numbers of strikes, struggles of women for their rights, struggles against racism and against homophobia and against oppression of immigrant people. It is our common struggles that bind us – the workers of the world – together.

We must admit that a section of workers here in the United States have been deceived by Trump’s nationalism, racism, misogyny and xenophobia. He has also stirred up fear and even hatred for Muslim people. If Trump goes to war against Iran, he will certainly use that prejudice.

That makes establishing direct links based on working class solidarity between workers in Iran and the United States all the more important. Such working class solidarity would also help combat the religious extremists that are influential in both of our countries.

We note that while Trump threatens the people of Iran, he joins with Rouhani, Khamenei, and Putin to help prop up one of the most brutal dictators of this century – Bashar Assad in Syria. And just as we join with our class sisters and brothers in Iran, we think we should all do the same regarding Syria.  Just as we must join together to oppose any US attack on Iran, we must also join together to oppose our governments’ support for Assad.

We also do not forget the situation of our Palestinian sisters and brothers and we support their just struggle for self-determination and against the crimes of the Israeli state and its allies.

Capitalism is destroying the planet. It is we, the workers of the world, who can save it. We can do so through international working class solidarity and socialism! We look forward to establishing direct links between workers here and our sisters and brothers in Iran as a small step in that direction.


John Reimann, former recording secretary, Carpenters Local 713*; editor,
Art Francisco, member, Carpenters Union Local 30,* editor, Control Line*
Sean Gallagher, United Auto workers (UAW) Local 2865*
Ephraim Hussain, teacher
Mary Kimmerling, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)*, Tacoma
Sarah Morken, healthcare worker, Bonney Lake, WA
Jeffrey Nunes, Carpenters Union Local 157*
Cathy Pryor, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 8GS*
Sarah Saunders, California Nurses Association/Mercy San Juan*
Jason Schulman, PSC/CUNY AFT 2334*
Heather Schroeder, UFCW Local 8GS*
Scott Schroeder, UFCW Local 8GS*
Ryan Talen, SEIU 1199, NW Seattle WA*
Cheryl Zuur, former president, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 444*

*position and/or union listed for identification purposes only


We are proud that our letter has been translated into Persian and is being circulated in Iran. We hope we will get some replies.

Source:  Oakland Socialist

Letter from US workers to workers in Iran