Sunday May 27, 2018
1-3 p.m.
The Public School
951 Chung King Road

In the face of  the ongoing global and regional  imperialist and authoritarian  counter-revolutionary offensives in the Middle East, and  the estimated 100,000 political prisoners in Syria,  tens of thousands in Turkey and Egypt,   6,300 Palestinian political prisoners held in Israel, and hundreds in Iran, the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists, along with various socialist and labor activist organizations and individuals, have initiated a campaign in solidarity with Middle Eastern political prisoners.

Speakers from the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists and Palestinian Youth Movement will discuss the Campaign:

Frieda Afary, Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists, on Iranian prisoners

Omar Abbas, Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists, on Syrian prisoners

Celine Qussiny, Palestinian Youth Movement, on Palestinian prisoners

The aim of this campaign is four-fold:

1. To shine a spotlight on the political prisoners who are labor, social justice, feminist, anti-racist and human rights activists opposed to war, imperialism, occupation, authoritarianism, religious fundamentalism and extremism.

2. To oppose all the global and regional imperialist powers in the Middle East: The U.S., Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and Iran.

3. To demand that both state actors and non-state actors responsible for perpetrating war crimes in the Middle East be put on trial. (We support initiatives meant to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity by enforcing universal jurisdiction, such as the cases filed in Spain, Germany, France and other EU states by local and Syrian lawyers.)

4. To show that demanding the immediate release of political prisoners in the Middle East is a crucial part of fighting the rise of authoritarianism and racism at home.

Please join us for this important discussion!

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