Arielle Concilio,  Latina gender studies student and activist, member of Left Voice

Julia Wallace,  Black  anti-racist activist, member of SEIU  and Left Voice

Ashleigh Campi,  gender studies and political theory scholar and activist

Frieda Afary, producer of  Iranian Progressives in Translation,  and member of  Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists

Saturday, March 3, 2018,  3-5  p.m.

Southern California Library, 6120 South Vermont Avenue,

Los Angeles,  90044 (street parking only) 

For more information call 310-210-3748

The following topics will be discussed:

Why is  authoritarianism on the rise globally,  and how does it affect women?

How can the “Me Too Movement” challenge the capitalist commodification of women’s bodies?

What are the connections between Black Lives Matter and the movement against patriarchy/homophobia?

What do the struggles of women in the West and the Middle East have in common?

Do socialist feminists have an alternative to capitalism?