You are invited to a panel discussion on :

Connecting the African American, Latino and Middle Eastern Struggles Against Racism, Sexism and Capitalist Authoritarianism

What are the barriers to solidarity between African Americans and Latinos in the struggle against capitalist dehumanization and the current rise of neofascism in the U.S.?

From Idlib to Rojava, Syria, how can the struggles against authoritarian regimes, religious fundamentalism, patriarchy, imperialism and for Kurdish self-determination come together?

How can the mass uprisings against authoritarian regimes in Iran and Nicaragua help each other?


Julia Wallace,  Black  anti-racist activist, member of Left Voice

Juan Pintor,  worker, community activist, member of “Corriente Obrera(LIT-CI)”,  a socialist internationalist movement

Omar Abbas Syrian student, writer, activist and member of Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists

Frieda Afary, producer of Iranian Progressives in Translation, and member of Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists

Saturday, September 29, 2018,  2:30-5  p.m.

Southern California Library, 6120 South Vermont Avenue, L.A.  90044 (street parking only) 

For more information call 310-210-3748