“It’s What We Do” is a recorded play that dramatizes Israeli soldiers’ testimonies, exposing their day-to-day interactions with Palestinian.  It takes you behind the headlines to see what the Israeli occupation looks like on a daily basis, how if affects the soldiers as the enforcers of oppression and the Palestinians as the oppressed.   All dialogue is adapted from Breaking the Silence, testimonies of  Israeli soldiers whose vivid memories continue to haunt them.

Panel discussion will follow, featuring two former Israeli Defense Force members,  Yossi Khen and Yair Agmon, both anti occupation activists living in Los Angeles.  Moderator:  Tony Litwinko,  L.A. Jews for Peace and Friends of Sabeel (L.A./O.C)

Sunday January 13, 2019

2 p.m.

Workmen’s Circle/SoCal Arbeter Ring

1525 S. Robertson, Los Angeles

Street parking only

Suggested donation is $10 but is not mandatory

Sponsored by L.A. Jews For Peace

Cosponsored by a variety of groups including the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists