Many Iranian youth  admire  the  radical direct actions and the mass mobilizations of Hong Kong youth in the streets.  We honor the memory of the rebellious youth in Tiananmen Square who were massacred by the Chinese regime in June 1989. Your struggle is our struggle. Your victory will be our victory, and our loss will be our loss.

by Sina Zekavat

Comrades, students and youth of Hong Kong and Mainland China:

Once again Chinese youth have made history in the streets by standing up for people’s basic civil liberties and the right to self-determination!

Many Iranian youth support the mass protests in Hong Kong against an extradition law that would send dissidents/human rights activists to mainland China to be prosecuted as criminals.  We  stand with you in your struggle and offer our unconditional solidarity!

People in both China and Iran live under authoritarian police states which present themselves as “anti-capitalist” and “anti-imperialist”, yet they use the same tools of capitalist and imperialist repression against unprotected communities inside and outside their borders. Supporters of the Chinese